School Aims


The Aims of St.Agatha's Primary School are: 

1.   To provide conditions and experiences which promote the moral    spiritual, emotional, physical, social and intellectual development of all our pupils.

2.   To promote the Catholic faith and values through the personal example of pupils, staff and parents in their interaction with each other, thus maintaining the effective partnership linking home, school and parish.

3.   To provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, which offers rich and rewarding experiences to allow children to develop their skills creatively and also ensure continuity and progression throughout the school.

4.   To build a sense of Christian community where a high level of care is extended to all members of our community, showing respect for their dignity, worth and individuality.

5.   To provide opportunities for the continuing professional development of all staff thus ensuring that the highest standards of teaching and support meet the needs of all pupils.

6.   To ensure the provision of equal opportunities for all.