Pupil Progress Evaluation


Primary 1

·         * has improved considerably.  She is a more confident individual.  She used to be very shy and would not speak out, however now she doesn’t seem to have any issues.

·         Very well – he enjoys school and homework. He is confident and loves coming to school.

·         Doing well and very happy with school etc.  I know what I need to practise in the house with him.

·         The improvement is apparent in his work and he was able to answer all my questions confidently.   


Primary 2/3 

·         Very well, he appears happy and confident, he works independently with homework. He has thrived this year in particular.

·         I feel my child is improving, however I would have preferred to have a one-to- one with class teacher as we had a meeting at the beginning of the year telling me * was struggling.

·         I think his reading and handwriting have really improved. I am concerned he is not progressing in his Maths work as he should be. Would like any advice as to help him more at home.

·         He really enjoys school and seems to be growing in confidence

·         Progress excellent and gained confidence.  Improvement in work she is producing is great. 

·         Would really need input from teacher to tell me this. 


Primary  3/4  

·         progress greatly improves from year to year. She has learned many interesting facts about Vikings, the weather balloons and London. She has enjoyed reading her Enid Blyton books. She reads & researches at the weekends – even when we tell her to relax. She loves taking in all the knowledge. Very proud of her.

·         Become more confident in maths and really enjoys the topics.

·         Would really need input from teacher to tell me this.

·         Very well.  We are pleased with how much effort * makes in all his subjects and we are impressed by the fact he is able to recognise the areas where he needs to work harder and spend more time.  He does not appear to struggle with any area and is very happy and confident.  This is a great feeling for him and for us.

·         has handled the tasks asked of him competently. His handwriting has improved and he appears to be taking more care of his course work. There is obvious room for improvement in his appreciation of English but he is determined to face the challenge head on. 


Primary 5/6 

·         By looking at my son’s assessment sheets and his work throughout the year I can see he is developing well.

·         * I’m pleased to see that he is making progress and I will encourage him more at home with his handwriting and taking his time.

·         He has done very well this year.

·         I think * is progressing well, he enjoys the projects he has been given.  I now know what things to work on after seeing his workbooks.

·         I feel that * is making steady progress in all areas of the curriculum.  He is confident in identifying his strengths and next steps


Primary 6/7 

·         Overall, progressing well.  We discussed areas where she could improve and asked her to flag any areas where she feels she is having difficulty.  Not confident when writing  stories and could improve in this area.

·         Very pleased with her progress.  She has continuing enthusiasm for her school work.  She always enjoys the topics she is given and puts a lot of effort into them.

·         We are most pleased at  * progress and it was lovely to see his learning journey through his own explanation and knowledge of his work.

Parental Comments on NEW FORMAT New Format

Primary 1

·         Discussing work with child and being able to praise him for good effort and highlight areas for improvement.

·         I liked the fact that * was enthusiastic about showing me her work and telling me what she has been doing in class.

·         Child’s excitement. 

New Format

Primary 2/3

·         I enjoyed my son telling me and explaining what he does at school.

·         Seeing the day to day work that * has been doing and chatting together about school.

·         Seeing the progress and results in the tests etc. and the projects he has been involved in. 

New Format

Primary 3/4 

·         Having my child show me his own work and being proud of what he has achieved.  Also this has given me the opportunity to see and speak together about his learning experiences.

·         Glad to hear * talk about his feelings on his own work.

·         I enjoyed looking through * work with him explaining and talking about it.  The selection of questions helped.

New Format

Primary 5/6 

·         I feel that having my son discuss his work and explain to me has been a good experience for parent and child.

·         The opportunity to discuss specific pieces of work, developments and targets with my child was of value.

·         I find it beneficial to be aware that * is aware of the areas he needs to improve in 

New Format

Primary 6/7 

·         Being able to discuss and understand her experiences in class.  Seeing and not just hearing about her work

·         Having discussion with * whilst she presented her work. I found this level of interaction very beneficial. It’s usually rushed going through her work.

·         Allowing and encouraging my son to talk on his own about his work and strengths and weaknesses. 

I have included all comments in this area except those of a more personal nature when a pupil could be identified.  

Additional Comments to help us improve our practice

Primary 1 

·         More flexibility in appointment times for those who work full time.

·         We enjoyed talking to our child about his work, however we still feel it would be beneficial to discuss learning with the teacher.

·         * was distracted due to other people being in the class at the same time.

·         I think an individual appointment with the teacher would be necessary, to be able to discuss progress/concerns.  

Additional Comments to help us improve our practice

Primary 2/3 

·         Would prefer a proper parents night.

·         Having a 5 minutes with the teacher within the hour just to double check his progress and ensure he is making his milestones.

·         think teacher could have a little input.

·         I still feel the need for a formal parent/teacher dialogue. If these folders and jotters were sent home for the pupils to discuss prior to the parental appointment this would be most valuable and beneficial. Was quite a lot to look through – * was keen to escape half way through.

·         Very useful tool but would like to see it in addition to a one-to-one with the class teacher to a gain a professional opinion on * progression.

·         I feel there should be teacher involvement and input. 

 Additional Comments to help us improve our practice

Primary 3/4 

·         Although I have no concerns, some parents would may prefer the privacy of a one-to-one with the teacher.

·         Would prefer a normal parents night.

·         Do not feel I have learned how she is progressing.

·         This experience has been enjoyable & hope to do it again.

·         Would be nice to have the chance to speak to the teacher without your child being there to get their opinion on his progress.

·         I liked the change to Parents Day but would also like to talk to teacher to get a professional opinion.

·         We still believe that a discussion with the teacher is necessary as her views are important.  Today has been useful but only as an additional to the normal parents evening. 

Additional Comments to help us improve our practice

Primary 5/6 

·         It would have been nice for the class teacher to have spent a small amount of time at the table as well, as this is a new format for all involved.

·         I think the new format allowed parents more time to look through child’s work however I still prefer the more formal format of the past i.e. meeting with the teacher.

·         In the future I would still like to be provided with the opportunity to meet with *teacher in order to discuss progress.

·         I feel it was more an open evening than a parents evening.  I missed the chat with the teacher on what her opinion of * is.  Not too sure if I found it good or not.

·         I feel that feed back at the time is more helpful from the teacher.  

Additional Comments to help us improve our practice

Primary 6/7 

·         Time spent discussing * progress with her has been beneficial however we feel that a short update from the teacher is still an essential part of parents evening.

·         This is an interesting and novel approach to “Parents Night”.  However, I think it would be beneficial to speak to a teacher more than once a year.

·         I prefer the old system, actually speaking to the teacher and would still like an appointment with her to address certain issues.

·         I see this experience as an enhancement of my ring fenced time with the class teacher.  I would still be looking for an individual consult as previous.

·         No suggestions

·         While I really enjoyed today I also enjoy the more traditional P. Night. A big thank you to Mrs. S. for all her great work with * over the past three years.

·         Would prefer old format as like to hear what teacher thinks and discuss issues I feel are needed on a more personal basis.

·         Although, this was invaluable I would think that it is still important to have a meeting with Mrs Soutar especially as * is in P7.

·         I enjoyed this experience but don’t feel that it fully replaces a one to one with the teacher.  Would like more information about how she feels * is progressing.

·         Go back to include parent/teacher dialogue

·         It would also be beneficial to have teacher input.  

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]Taking 3, 4, and 5 as a positive 90% of parents thought it beneficial and worthwhile

] It was interesting that while a few parents said they would still like to meet with the teacher they rated the experience as a 4