Pupil Council


The Pupil Council at St. Agatha's Primary School work hard to try and improve the school for the benefit of everybody. They are always willing to listen to any suggestions the pupils may have to improve life at school for everyone.

The Pupil Council:-

·        meet regularly to talk about important issues and projects and  gives pupils the opportunity to tell the staff their thoughts and ideas

·        represent the views of each class from Primary 1 to Primary 7

·        has a chair person who leads the meetings by following the agenda

·        a secretary who takes notes of what is said at the meeting  

After the meeting:-

·        feed back to their classmates

·        encourage other pupils to put their own ideas into the school suggestion box which is kept on the Pupil Council Notice board


The Pupil Council is made up of two pupils from each class from Primary 1 to Primary 7 who have been elected by their classmates to represent them. The council meet once per month when possible.

St. Agatha’s Pupil Council Members for the current session are:-

Primary 1    - Pearl Cross, Lewis Nugent

Primary 2/3 - Josh Watson, April Rooney

Primary 3/4 - Jack Nugent, Aidan Haughey

Primary 5    - Emer Gallagher, Ellie Cleland

Primary 6/7 - David Docherty, Ellie Bradford